This page contains various information about the standard versions of Pascal as stated by the ISO and ANSI organizations (other standards organizations also exist).

Also below are several references to other sites of interest to standard Pascal in one form or another.

Why ISO 7185 standard Pascal?

The ISO 7185 Pascal standards is unique in that they did not seek to remake the existing Pascal language as defined by Niklaus Wirth. Instead, they simply defined Wirth's Pascal in a more formal form, and eliminated the abiguities of the original language.

The first ISO standard essentially is the original language. Pascal has been subsetted, modified and worse. But in it's original form, Pascal may be the most carefully constructed, documented and standardized language in existence.

Pascal is, unfortunately, very much a "great improvement on it's successors", and continues to be usefull for all programming work.

Available compilers: Here is your guide to full ISO/ANSI compilers that are current and SUPPORTED.

The ISO 7185 Pascal FAQ.

Rules of ISO 7185 Pascal.

Who was Blaise Pascal?.

Who is Niklaus Wirth?.

The ISO 7185 official newsgroup, COMP.LANG.PASCAL.ANSI-ISO.

The ISO Pascal standards, documents in various formats.

ISO 7185 source programs. Here you will find programs I have collected that compile under ANSI/ISO rules, including sample Pascal compilers.

Yacc/flex parsing grammar for ISO 7185 standard Pascal. These are the files needed to form a parser front end for Pascal.

All about the CDC 6400 computer, the original development computer for Wirth's Pascal.

Pictures from a lecture by Wirth held at the Computer Museum on 2004/10/20

The complete online collection of the PUG (Pascal Users Group) newsletters in .PDF format.

Various Pascal documents.

For more information contact: Scott A. Moore